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Meet Our Team

Veronica Lac, PhD. LPC

Founder & Executive Director

Dr. Veronica Lac has 25 years of experience as a corporate trainer and mental health professional providing her with an integrated perspective to equine-facilitated work. Her academic background includes a Masters in Training and Performance Management, a Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy, and a PhD in Psychology. She is trained in a number of models of equine-facilitated work, including a mentorship in Adventures in Awareness with Barbara Rector, a pioneering influence in this field. This has allowed her to combine her theoretical understanding into a relational and embodied approach. Veronica is passionate about bringing a cultural competence framework into the equine-facilitated field.

Veronica was a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist in the United Kingdom, and since moving to the United States in 2011, has gained licensure as a professional counselor. She specializes in working with eating disorders, trauma, and attachment and has developed equine and canine-assisted programs for at-risk adolescents in collaboration with residential treatment centers and eating disorder clinics. She is also a PATH International Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor for clients with cognitive, physical, and emotional disabilities. Veronica believes that research is the key to supporting equine-facilitated psychotherapy as an evidence-based modality and has multiple publications internationally in peer-reviewed journals. Veronica currently serves on the Governance Committee for PATH International and is a founding member of their Racial Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Workgroup. She serves on the Executive Board of a number of professional organizations including American Psychological Association Division 32 (Secretary), University Professors Press (Editor), and The Humanitarian Alliance. She is also a peer-reviewer for The Journal of Humanistic Psychology, and The Humanistic Psychologist.

Sarah Morehouse, MCouns

Senior Instructor & Program Manager

Sarah Morehouse is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh, receiving her Masters in Counselling (Interpersonal Dialogue). Sarah is a PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor and a HERD Institute® EFP and EFL Graduate. Sarah is also a certified Equine First Aid and Disaster Preparedness Instructor through Equi-Health US, as well as a certified Equine Nutrition Instructor through A Stable Connection®. Sarah has been working at The HERD Institute® since 2018.

Alison McCabe, MS, GEP

EFL Level 1 Instructor and Mentor

Alison McCabe is a registered psychotherapist and certified Gestalt Equine Psychotherapist (2013). She is a graduate of Prescott College with a concentration in Equine-Assisted Mental Health. She offers equine sessions for individuals, couples, and families. With a background in education, she has developed programs for teens to learn about horses, and has facilitated a wide range of workshops and equine-facilitated learning experiences.

Danielle Mills, BACP, EFPL

EFL Level 1 Instructor and Mentor

Danielle started a successful nonprofit in the UK named Pony Partnerships. She specializes in working with children and young people in a variety of settings including psychiatric inpatient care, community mental health, education, and residential care within the statutory, private and voluntary sector. She has earned several degrees and certifications in the Equine and Mental Health sectors. Danielle graduated from The HERD Institute’s Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy training in 2018.


EFL Level 1 Instructor and Mentor

Jude is the Founder of Leaders by Nature, a leadership and team development company specializing in developing leaders and aligning teams through disruptive change. She is a bestselling leadership author, including ‘Leading through uncertainty’ and ‘Opus: the hidden dynamics of team performance’. She lives in Warwickshire, UK, with her husband, dog Sophie and cat Dennis. She combines 17 years working in IBM with over a decade of EFL in a corporate setting.

Michelle Hitt, EFP

EFP Instructor and Mentor

Michelle has over 30 years experience with horses. In more recent years she has focused on gaining more understanding of equine behavior and developing the relationship between horses and humans. Her professional background is varied and includes a career in personal development, leadership and HR in the Royal Air Force. She has been a counsellor since 2016. She graduated from the HERD Institute’s first UK EFP course in 2018.


Faculty in Training

Elizabeth McCorvey, LCSW, is a psychotherapist living in Hendersonville, NC. She works with college students at UNC-Asheville, is faculty-in-training at the HERD Institute, and has a private practice where she works with adults using Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (therapy with horses). Elizabeth is a passionate advocate for anti-racism and equity in the Mental Health world and frequently facilitates workshops and consultation events for therapists on the subject.

Elisabeth Crabtree, MSc., GEP, MIAEB, AIRSB

Equine Consultant

Elisabeth (Lis) combines her horsemanship skills with her business experience in order to develop equine-facilitated programs. She works with individuals and groups, with an emphasis on professional and business development, communication skills, and team building. A lifelong equestrian, she is highly qualified and certified. Lis is our Equine Consultant, overseeing the completion of Equine First Aid and any horsemanship development needs for students.


Equine Consultant

Catherine (Kat) earned her certifications in both EFL and EEFP from The HERD Institute®. She is an Instructor for Equi-Health. Kat currently provides EFL and Horsemanship sessions at her farm for adolescents, families, and veterans. She provides horsemanship instruction for The HERD during EFP/L trainings and provides mentoring on a variety of horsemanship topics. She is also an instructor for Equi-Health. Kat owns and operates Keep the Faith Farm, located in Missouri.

The HERD Institute Team Member Crista

Crista Broesler, Designer/Artist

Executive Assistant

Crista has a dynamically different skill set ranging from business strategy to marketing and branding. The artist in her primarily works off instinct, whereas the designer employs a methodical, data-driven process. When she isn’t pushing pixels or studying EFL, she enjoys spare time spent in her art studio or at the beach swimming, cycling, and taking in nature. She is also a Reiki Master and Certified in Healing with the Arts by the University of Florida.


Reba is a 21 year old AQHA chestnut mare, whose registered name is Star Dually. She has had an extensive career, having been a broodmare, reining and cutting show horse, and a kids lesson and trail horse. She has been enjoying a well deserved quieter pace of life. Reba has moved with Veronica from Virginia to Ohio to Florida, and has been introduced to therapy work with adults and children. She is a sweet-natured girl and loves to be groomed and loved on, and has a generous heart for those in need of her wisdom. With her markings of a white blaze and four white stockings, she brings a distinctive flair to the herd. Reba excels in teaching participants about what it means to trust another in a relationship.


Cheyenne is a 16 year old quarter horse mare with a gentle and loving soul. She was a part of a therapeutic riding program for students with physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges, and now is enjoying her time with The HERD, in a quieter life. Cheyenne is blind in her right eye but this doesn’t stop her from living life to the full. She is a curious and attentive girl who loves to interact with everyone around her. Cheyenne has been introduced to therapy work with adolescents and is a master at teaching the importance of boundaries, self regulation, and the impact of one’s actions within relationships. With her stunning white mane, she could easily be mistaken for a unicorn, and is almost as magical!


Arrow is a 17 year old quarter horse gelding with a calm and sweet disposition. He was rescued from a bad situation and retrained as a trail and ranch horse. Now, he loves spending his days munching on grass and relaxing in the Florida sun. His willing demeanor and curious spirit makes him a wonderful addition to The HERD. Always the first at the gate to meet and greet newcomers, his energy and playfulness shines through. Arrow is settling into his role as a HERD equine partner and is proving to be a natural at his new job. He brings his big, powerful, and solid presence into each interaction with complete authenticity.