Equine-Facilitated Learning Case Studies:

Equine Facilitated Learning EFL Case Study 1
Equine Facilitated Learning EFL Case Study 2
Equine Facilitated Learning EFL Case Study 3
Equine Facilitated Learning EFL Case Study 4
Equine Facilitated Learning EFL Case Study 5

Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy Case Studies:

EFP Case Study 1
EFP Case Study 2
EFP Case Study 3
EFP Case Study 4
EFP Case Study 5

Research Articles:

Client Populations

Riding to Rhythm
Developing Children’s Ability
Down Syndrome and TR
Evidence of Heterospecific Referential…
Examining 8-12 year old boys with Autism
Johnson et al PTSD
OSU Dementia Study at FOD
The Role of La Croix…
Tip Sheet: Eye Contact Tracking

Equine-Facilitated Learning

Developing Coherent Leadership in Partnership with Horses
Equi Evolution Intake Packet
Evidence for EFL
Final EAL Report

Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy

Basic Neurobiological Psychological…
Horses for Discourses
EAP and EI
Emotional Support Animals and Mental Health


Canine-Assisted Intervention Teams
Control Compassion Choices Part 1
Control Compassion Choices Part 2

Literature Reviews

Animal Assisted Therapy Literature Review
New Age or Old Sage

Research Studies

EAP with Children and Adolescents
EAP: A Descriptive Study
Application of Attachment Theory to EFP
EAP Impact on Resilience and Self-Efficacy
EAP: A Mental Health Promotion-Intervention Modality for Children…
EAP: Effects on Autism
Effectiveness of EAET: Clinical Trial
Effects of EAP on Anxiety and Depression in the Chronically Mentally Ill
Effects of Equine-Facilitated Learning
Efficacy of EAT with Children and Adolescents
EFL Couples Therapy and Solution Focused Couples Therapy
EFL with Older Adults
Exploration of EFL with Young Offenders
Horses that Heal: The Effectiveness of EAGALA on the Behavior of Students…
How Substance Use Disorder Patients Experience the Stable Environment…
The Horse-Human Heart Connection
Therapeutic Horseback Riding in Breast Cancer Survivors