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Equine-Facilitated Learning Level 2 Certification


The HERD Institute® offers Equine-Facilitated Learning Level Two Certification for coaches, educators, training professionals, and Equine Specialists. This level expands on and deepens the learning and teachings from EFL Level One, to advance your understanding of the principles of The HERD Model. This level also provides certification in offering EFL sessions for at least one specialized population (Working with Vulnerable Populations/ Helping the Helpers/ Corporate and Professional Development).

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I apply?

You can apply for the program by completing our online application form, found below! 

What is the application process?

As a Level 1 graduate we are excited to welcome you back to Level 2. In order for us to update our records, please fill in the application form online. We may request an informal interview to ensure your readiness to progress. This will be completed via Zoom (an online meeting platform) or via phone, and last no more than an hour. You will receive a decision shortly after your interview.  

Where do the trainings take place?

Our EFL Level 2 Module 3 trainings take place at our facility in Orlando, FL. 

Specializations Offered:

Working with Vulnerable Populations

This specialization is geared towards supporting practitioners working with individuals and groups from vulnerable populations such as:

  • The elderly – people with dementia or Alzheimer’s, and/or those in assisted living.
  • At-risk youth – adolescents with behavioral challenges, and those who are struggling to transition successfully into adulthood; LGBTQ youth, youth of color and other minority populations; those with a history of trauma.
  • Elementary schools – children struggling with social communication and issues of belonging; children who have been adopted; issues of bullying etc.
  • Middle schools – children facing the challenge of transitioning into high school.
  • Military personnel – veterans returning from deployment, activity duty, reserves and retired military populations and families.

Helping the Helpers

This specialization is geared towards supporting practitioners working in any capacity such as:

  • Licensed mental health professionals
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • First responders
  • Veterinarians
  • Teachers
  • Community advocates
  • Carers
  • Occupational, physical and speech therapists

Corporate Leadership & Professional Development

This specialization is geared towards individuals working within organizational settings. Whether your client is a Fortune 500 company, government agency, non-profit, or a family-owned small business, this specialization will support you to provide impactful sessions, taking the full suite, of management consulting offerings for corporate and professional development to the next level.


All modules will be held at The HERD Institute in Orlando, FL, unless otherwise indicated.

Tuition Costs

*Tuition includes 3 mentoring sessions, snacks, and lunch each day during 3-day intensive. It does not include travel, and accommodation.

What Will You Learn?

The training is offered through 2 online modules and one in-person 3-day Specialization Workshop. Through the help of our herd of horses, you will stretch your facilitation skills to design and deliver more impactful sessions for your participants. The 3-day Specialization Workshop will include case study discussions and experiential exercises to demonstrate the theory.

The HERD Institute® EFL Level Two Certification equips practitioners with the breadth and depth of knowledge, skills, and ethical guidelines required to design and deliver powerful and transformational experiences for your participants. The program is structured to deepen the philosophical, theoretical, and experiential foundations for you to integrate into your own personal philosophy. The Intensives will cover:


  1. Digging Deeper: Facilitation skills through an empathetic lens (Online)
  2. Embodying The HERD Model: Relational awareness and connection (Online)
  3. Specialization: Designing population-specific programs  (3-day Workshop)

Who Can Apply?


The HERD Institute® Equine-Facilitated Learning (EFL) Level Two Certification is open to all HERD members who have completed the EFL Level One Certification.

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