We’re thrilled to announce that the big day is approaching fast – just ONE MONTH until the Sharing Space with The HERD Conference, and we couldn’t be more excited! It feels like we’ve been assembling an enormous jigsaw puzzle, and you, our amazing attendees, are the missing pieces that will complete the picture, each of you adding your unique perspectives to the vibrant landscape of our industry. We can’t wait to witness this collective brilliance come to life!

We’ve spent months gathering folks from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and modalities to present at the conference. Like individual puzzle pieces, each presenter will bring their expertise, passion, and wisdom to our gathering. From our keynote speakers to our industry panel experts, they will be the core of our conference; inspiring, challenging, educating, and igniting transformative dialogues.

Throughout the journey of planning this event, we’ve witnessed the edges of our jigsaw come together, forming the perfect container for our conference. Our venue, vendors, staff, and volunteers have passionately worked together to fit all the pieces together, ensuring that we hold space in a way that cherishes the beauty of diversity and celebrates our HERD Institute culture. As we approach the big day, we’re meticulously discovering the last pieces of our puzzle. The final touches and details are always the most exciting part of event planning! From our HERD Gatherings and Meet the Author table to our Denim or Diamonds HERD Banquet – we’ve got something for everyone.

So, if you haven’t registered yet, consider this your personal invitation to join us in piecing together this unique event of learning, connection, and growth. Whether you’re attending in person or online, we can’t wait to connect with you soon!

Get ready to be a part of our collaborative jigsaw, where you can contribute to a beautiful picture of inspiration and knowledge.

With gratitude,

Executive Director