Workshops & Retreats


The HERD Institute offers workshops covering a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • A Place in the HERD: Neuroscience & Attachment
  • Grazing with the HERD: Working with Eating Disorders
  • HERD Instincts: Working with Trauma and PTSD
  • A Mixed HERD: Working with Culture & Diversity
  • Honoring the HERD: Working with Grief, Loss, and Life Transitions
  • Here & Now in the HERD: Developing Therapeutic Presence

Please contact us for more information on these workshops.

These workshops are suitable for mental health practitioners and/or equine professionals who are interested in working within an equine-facilitated therapy setting. No riding or horse experience is required. These 2-day workshops are NOT designed to equip participants to become competent at offering equine-facilitated psychotherapy and learning. For training and certification in EFPL, please refer to The HERD Institute Certification Programs.


The HERD Institute Retreats Series is designed as a 3 day immersion into the healing potential of the herd. These are tailored to the participants and offer a guided learning experience for groups and/or individuals. Retreat formats include:


The HERD Institute also offers weekly and monthly groups including:

  • Pet Grief & Loss Support Group
  • Daytime Women’s Group
  • Evening Women’s Group
  • HERD for Helpers

Please refer to the Events Calendar for more information on Workshops, Retreats, & Groups offered, or Contact Us to find out more.

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Interested in Hosting a Workshop or Retreat?

The HERD Institute is happy to travel to your location to offer any of the listed Workshops or Retreats. We offer substantial savings for the hosts. Minimum requirements for hosting:

  1. Hosts must have access to a minimum of 2 horses to co-facilitate with
  2. Hosts must have an indoor space for inclement weather
  3. Hosts must have restroom facilities available
  4. Hosts must be able to arrange lunch and snacks and have adequate facilities for participants to congregate during break times.


Minimum numbers of participants will be required depending on the Workshop or Retreat chosen. Please contact us at for more information on how to host an event.

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