Equine-Facilitated Learning Certification


The HERD Institute is pleased to introduce the Equine-Facilitated Learning Certification for coaches, educators, and training professionals. Each training workshop will focus on the philosophical, theoretical, and experiential process of incorporating equines into working with their specific target audiences. Through the help of our herd of horses, students will gain a deeper understanding of how to fully engage their participants. Workshops will include case study discussions and experiential exercises to demonstrate the theory.

Our Training in Action


2016 – 2017 Training Dates

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering two intakes for the EFL Certification for 2016 & 2017!

What will you learn?

The HERD Institute EFL Certification equips practitioners with the breadth and depth of knowledge, skills, and ethical guidelines required to incorporate horses into their specific scope of practice. The program is structured to provide the philosophical, theoretical, and experiential foundations for participants to integrate into their own personal philosophy. The aim is to support and inspire a new generation of practitioners to find their own unique style of bringing horses into their clients’ lives to facilitate profound learning and growth. The Intensives will cover:

  1. Meeting: The importance of setting the scene for you and your clients
  2. Relating: The psychological and physiological impacts of being with horses
  3. Integrating: The art of facilitating learning experiences that stick


The HERD Institute Equine-Facilitated Learning (EFL) Certification is designed to offer training to certified life coaches, licensed educators, organizational leaders, trainers, and human resource professionals who are interested in incorporating horses into their work. Graduate students may also apply. Admission to the training program will be at the discretion of the HERD faculty.